Itaab was established during the 1950s and since then has worked to adorn Sweden with stylish and functional ceilings and integrated lighting solutions. Our production mainly takes place at our factory in Örebro. By maintaining control of the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to completed and lacquered product, we are able to offer a Swedish-manufactured product of the very highest quality.

Tailor made

Our ability to produce tailor-made systems and solutions has attracted the grateful appreciation of many architects and technical specification professionals. Both our machinery and our organisation are designed to manage specific customer requirements and short-run production series. The materials we most commonly work with are steel and aluminium in thicknesses between 0.5-2.0 mm. In our machinery assembly we are then able to perforate, punch, cut, bend, roll-form and curve all materials, along with many other processes.  Our lacquer line is capable of treating products up to 7.5 metres in length – something which not many others can match!

To then ensure that our products arrive safely to the end customer, we make our own packaging, entirely customised for the relevant product.

CE & Environment
Itaab products are CE marked in accordance with suspended ceiling standard EN 13964, fire protection classified and where applicable in accordance with Building Material Assessment criteria and/or SundaHus. As a rule, metal is an excellent environmental choice as products are manufactured from recycled materials, have long life cycles and can be recycled at the end of the product’s working life.

You can see many of our products installed in our showroom. However you can also test your own ideas and gain a real feel for how the final results will look. For major projects, this is an excellent opportunity that is much appreciated by both clients and those producing technical specifications. You can hardly get any closer to reality.